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Infrared Heating: Advantages and Disadvantages

Infrared heating is used to warm factories, offices, public places, and animal farms. It emits infrared lights invisible to the naked eye. The energy it emits is absorbed by the body and the objects around it. It is one of the most popular heating solutions used indoors.

However, like various other things, it comes with advantages, as well as disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.

Advantages of Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters Offer Instant Heat

Most of the heaters used indoors work through the convection process. It means that it takes up the surrounding air, heats it up, and distributes it to the environment at a higher temperature.

However, infrared heaters create instant warming. Its technology creates instant wavelengths to warm up your room instantly, even in the coldest temperature. So, you have a more comfortable condition indoors much easily.

No Placement of Pipes Required

With infrared heaters panels, you don’t have to install pipes. The infrared panels are mounted on the ceiling or wall with brackets. Moreover, a single route to the power socket has to be created. Following the installation, the panel will be ready to use. It is an easy and affordable process in comparison to the installation of under-floor heating or radiator.

Creates a Healthy Environment

The primary difference between convection heating and infrared panels is that infrared panels heat objects, while convection will heat the air. Since just the objects are heated, you won’t experience a muggy feeling like in the case of convection. It is just like being out on a warm spring day.

Savings on the Energy Bill

Many argue that infrared heating can increase your electricity bill. However, this is not true. You should not fail to look at the bigger picture. When you are using infrared heating, the cost of using gas is going to reduce. This, in turn, leads to greater saving on gas costs in comparison to the increase in the energy bill. Thus, at the end of the day, you are saving money.

No Swirling Dust

Since infrared panels heat up objects, little to no circulation occurs. Thus, dust doesn’t whirl up, like in the case of convection heating. Another advantage of infrared heating is that it doesn’t create condensation on the walls. Condensation can lead to mold and bacteria on your walls. Infrared heating will keep your walls free of all these.

Saves Space

Infrared panels are mounted on the ceiling. Firstly, the panels function best when placed on the ceiling. The panels have a radiation angle of 170 degrees. This gives it the widest range. Nevertheless, this isn’t the only reason for you to mount it on the ceiling. It also saves you space. You can only mount radiators on the wall. However, this isn’t the case with infrared panels you get from Hence, the room feels more spacious and can be arranged efficiently.

Disadvantages of Infrared Heaters

Mounting the Infrared Panels on Your Ceiling

The infrared panels need to be mounted on the ceiling for the best results. At times, they can also be attached to the walls. However, mounting it on the wall reduces its efficiency. One of the primary disadvantages of mounting it on your ceiling is it is something that people aren’t used to. Because of its white and black color composition, its infrared panel’s sleek design, the issue is virtually eliminated.

There are Some Safety Issues

As the coils of the infrared panels start distributing warmth, it tends to get exceptionally hot. So, you have to keep your kids and pet away from it when it is on, to avoid accidents. These days many companies are coming up with products that minimize this disadvantage. However, the heat has to disperse through a fan. This limits the advantages you will experience with the technology.

No Heat the Moment it is Turned Off

An infrared heater is made to work as soon as you turn on the product. However, it is going to stop radiating heat as soon as you turn it off. Hence, you are going to lose the comfortable temperature very easily.

Make sure you consider the advantages and disadvantages of the infrared heaters if you are looking for new ways to warm up your business or home.